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apps are fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago they would have been under twenty five metres of water since then the province has suffered the worst drought on record and. water saving measures have already postponed day zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will see bring in enough rainfall to make sure the days erode never come. the. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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this is al-jazeera. a log so robyn you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the e.u. praises north korea's announcement that it'll hold its nuclear program as asian countries welcome the move with caution. syrian rebel fighters and their families start evacuating from the town of mood after surrendering their weapons. and a crowded classroom the struggles of yemeni women trying to get an education in rural parts of the war torn country. also local heroes drive a box office boom in china we examine the patriotism behind the ticket sales.
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welcome to the news hour the e.u. and the united kingdom are calling north korea's move to stop all nuclear missile tests a positive step forward the announcement comes ahead of plan summits with south korea and the united states but some world leaders however still remain skeptical kathleen over reports now from south korea's capital. north korea regularly tested increasingly threatening ballistic missiles last year including weapons that could have the range to hit the united states in september it conducted its most powerful nuclear bomb test now north korea says those tests are over so it. should chip we will discontinue nuclear testing an intercontinental ballistic rocket test firing from april twenty fifth. the north and you could test ground at the d.p. r. k. one also be dismantled to transparently the discontinuance opinion. it's
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welcome news for the us president who's planning to meet north korea's leader kim jong un within weeks donald trump tweeted north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to our summit state media says kim jong un made the announcement as he chaired a meeting of the workers' party central committee a gathering to rubber stamp the supreme leader's decisions it was at a similar meeting five years ago that kim unveiled his signature policy to prioritize the development of nuclear weapons and the economy the message from the leader now is that weapons program development is complete and the focus will shift to the economy currently under pressure from a u.s. led sanctions campaign. would you call kim jong un care a fight that now that the t.p.r. case position as a wall of level politico ideological and military power has been successfully
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established it is the strategic line of the workers' party to concentrate all efforts of the whole party and country on the socialist economic construction kim is apparently seeking to cement his position on the world stage following his meeting in beijing last month with china's president xi jinping talks with cia director mike pompei o in pyongyang and ahead of a historic summit with south korea's president monday and on friday south korea welcomed the announcement calling north korea's decision meaningful progress for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the president's office said it will contribute to creating a positive environment for the success of the upcoming intercourse rian and u.s. north korea summits. china has also welcomed the announcement while japan's prime minister was more cautious. it's never thought of north korea's announcement is forward motion that i'd like to welcome but what's important is that this motion
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leads to a complete verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of north korea's nuclear and missile programs north korea's promise to stop weapons testing didn't go that far it pledged to never use nuclear weapons unless there are nuclear threats and you clear provocations against it cathy know that al-jazeera seoul. north korea is had a history of not keeping its promises when it comes to denuclearization in two thousand and seven north korea agreed to shut its main nuclear reactor in return for relief aid young signed an agreement to dismantle its nuclear weapons facilities but missed the deadline then in two thousand and eight the government demolished a cooling tower a symbol of its commitment to ending its nuclear program two months later the north refused to allow international observers to visit suspected nuclear facilities then the u.s. agreed to send food aid in the twenty twelve after pyongyang said they would freeze the launching of long range missiles that agreement ended when the rockets were
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launched in early two thousand and thirteen stephen nikkei is an associate professor of politics and international studies at the international christian university joins me now via skype from tokyo good to have you with us on the program stephen a cautionary tone being told by world leaders at the moment they don't really want to rock the boat perhaps before the upcoming meetings between the careers and the us president is that a wise position to take. i think it is the korean summit that's coming up on equals twenty seven we're only foundation for any future negotiations and of course but the trump king meeting schedule fairly late may early june and it's important to demonstrate good faith both sides of the militarized zone from the south that they're willing to provide perhaps some aid to the north for good behavior and for the north some of the rhetoric coming out of the north and. i think that the star
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in the west their weapons testing this is our new. create the right atmosphere one hundred on the current. the current and of course i mean we just listed there are a range of times where north korea hasn't really come up to the mark these are encouraging words right now but really the proof of the putting as we say is in the eating of the north korea's actions will speak much louder than words from the utterings that we're hearing right now not just in the weeks ahead but in the months and maybe even years ahead. that's right and i think it's important for us to consider what north korea why north korea's threat is it just i.c.b.m. this stuff is it just nuclear tipped missiles know they have a track record of using biological chemical weapons not only on its own people but overseas. range and mid range missiles as well as some green can keep abilities that have a track record of launching their missiles into the sea of japan and over japan so
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these are significant or. not is the. near the horizon. or to put its neighbors in the wrong or ahead or permanent going to require. significant new article and war but importantly changing its economy it one more normal economy that isn't so in line can on the military and. you're going to growing it indeed i mean we're a cautionary note from the international crisis group i'm going to quote christopher greene he says i don't see how north korean statement constitutes a step forward denuclearization it is a moratorium on testing but recommit snored korea to nuclear weapons status and i suppose that really is the pivot around which both south korea and the u.s. when they do have that summits will be talking about about what sort of nuclear
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capability north korea wants now and in the future. but if you did read this statement that was released early this morning it spoke about stopping the nuclear testing dismantling nuclear sites but it didn't talk about relinquishing its current systems what's been developed so far and it didn't talk about their vacation any kind of verification in terms of denuclearize addition of both missiles and nuclear capabilities are going to be very intrusive and that intrusiveness is going to confront of the regime in the north and it's. we seem to have lost the connection there to our guest stephen i give because of that you got the general gist of certainly what our analysts were saying there and of course all our contributors throughout the day will be of course talking about the reaction to north korea's statements if you stay with us here of course on al-jazeera let's move on because the reuters news agency is reporting that police in madagascar's capital her fired tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators or forty's
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declared on tuesday that any weekend protests would be illegal the opposition says newly passed electoral laws are scandalous attempt to muzzle and ahead of elections later in the year fighters in the rebel held area near syria's capital have agreed to lay down their weapons and leavers part of an evacuation deal brokered by russia state television showing buses with fighters and their families leaving moon about forty kilometers from damascus and traveling to northern syria more than a hundred thousand people live in the mountainous region half of them are internally displaced and have been under siege for years now syrian president bashar assad backed by russia and iran is seeking to recover control of the last few rebel claves near the capital and syrian rebels have also reportedly agreed to withdraw from their last stronghold near the capital it's in the south of damascus that includes the palestinian refugee camp you can see the area was divided between
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syrian rebels in green and i saw fighters in black but the syrian government says rebels have handed over control the army says it will continue to bombard the air their area until a full surrender deal is reached it means president bashar al assad is in his strongest position since the early stages of the seven year war this is despite the first coordinated u.s. and british and french air strikes in the. strikes were to punish assad's government for a suspected gas attack they say killed dozens of people during an advance to catch a doomer in eastern meanwhile the un special envoy for syria is conducting a series of meetings in the middle east and russia that he hopes will jump start the peace process very chalons has more from moscow. following last week's anger over syria moscow seems in a restrained mood in an interview with the russian state information agency foreign
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minister sergey lavrov suggested last week's u.s. air strikes have been within limits acceptable for russia. they were informed about where our red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the results show that they have not crossed these red lines. and he said neither side's generals would be drawn into open conflict in syria. i'm sure the nadir president putin nor president trump will allow this to happen they are after all leaders who have been elected by the people and they are responsible to these people for peace and calm. is focused. diplomatically russia can afford to attempt to pause in hostilities with the us is on the ground much is going its allies way following the fall of eastern ghouta the syrian government forces damascus is moving against the remaining besieged anglaise
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of rebel activity one by one they're forming. the un's envoy to syria who is in saudi arabia and turkey earlier in the week has now come to moscow next will be iran de mistura is assessing whether the foreign powers involved in syria's war are ready to restart the un facilitated political process he acknowledged that recent days have been rough we had a very dangerous and very difficult and very tense week and. it priority for the u.n. secretary is for a secure general and therefore the coming here and doing this toured in various capitals in very much in moscow is that player. did temperature seven to mr a maybe doing the differ. grounds with the intention of getting the geneva peace process back on track but there are those who question just how much life there is actually left in this particular u.n.
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sponsored format people like analyst dimitri for a love ski he thinks de mistura is right to still be pushing for dialogue but feels that the scramble for syrian territory by russia turkey iran and the us has changed the game besides realize that i'm bored by this that the most decisive argument the last one less real forces and troops on the ground. and with bashar al assad feeling that perhaps a total defeat of the rebellion is within his reach there's no obvious reason for syria's president to return to the negotiating table right now rory chalons al-jazeera moscow and russia's ambassador to the united kingdom is doubling down on his country's assertion that the suspected chemical attack was staged the u.s. and its allies accuse russia and syria's government of removing evidence from duma and to forcing witnesses to lie to support that allegations but alexander says he
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has proof that a syrian boy who appeared to be one of the to be one of the children choking in the videos was coaxed into it by an aid organization the. facts presented but the syrian government and russia to show that the incident had been deliberately stage have been ignored this is the we have a lot of this kind of footage from the russian television and of course from the international one this is the story about the boy his name is up and he is eleven years old so basically what happened that day when the whole so-called chemical attack was staged he was brought he was called by the white helmets to the to the hospital he was offered some swedes kooky is a something and he was part of the staging of all the so-called gammick will
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attack you see this boy it's you know it's the image after the stage attack and he was with his father. palestine's ambassador to the united nations is calling for an independent investigation into israel's use of force against protesters four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy were killed by israeli gunfire in another day of demonstrations on gaza's border at least thirty nine people have died in four weeks of protests as palestinians call for the right to return to their ancestral lands from gaza bernard smith reports. was. they've become a feature of the weekly palestinian confrontations with israel's military this friday the wind was with the protesters as clouds of smoke from burning tires drifted over israeli positions. but it's not enough to stop israel snipers and volleys of tear gas. others who you might think would be put off after
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previous experiences have instead come back for more muscle to show that i don't care about the injury even if i lose my legs it will not stop me coming back what happened here won't people up and reminded them about all cause we've come here to get our right of return on a lot of people states this march but. in this with giving something another day that they're both i well i am old but i'm here to show my enthusiasm and to inspire the young guys to continue their struggle . was he does every week hamas is leading garza yassin was visited the protests a prime target for israeli snipers he'd have been easily spotted by the drones above but was protected by the crowds be love. this friday the canvas moved three hundred meters closer to israel ambition is that when these protests climax on may
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the fifteenth these towns will be the border between gaza and israel but after four weeks now demonstrations there's been nothing in the way of concessions from the israelis that would improve the daily life of palestinians living in. al-jazeera cars. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news including. the fact that he was. u.s. students lead another call for action on gun violence on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine massacre. also cubans contemplating a new era with a new president to isn't name castro. and in sports called the n.b.a. playoffs where several teams including the washington wizards are fighting for survival. well.
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in yemen a makeshift school run by a remarkable survivor of the three year long civil war is teaching a fortunate few women to read and write there's provinces sandwiched between the rebels in the north and the government controlled areas in the south but in the hold reports on one woman's battle to empower others that. they make this journey most days a long winding sometimes dangerous parts this is a remote area wist of the city of tire yes it's also one of the battlegrounds of human civil war and with these women must go to reach the only place where they can learn. that. we walk long distances past villages and valleys to get here that we learn because we do not have education at least of a knowing about only didn't know any of the alphabets but facts to our teacher and now we can read and write and we can also teach our children for some of these
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women this is the first time their put pin work to paper grandmothers mothers young women learning what most children might be taught in their food or second year of school and so hungry to learn that on this particular day more than forty women were crammed into a small building it's part of a media elka ladies home she's the teacher and the creator of this makeshift education center as your own cost and in her own time she's taught dozens of women to read and write in math at the fair the education of women in the countryside is very low and i've made it my job to try to change that there is no support from anyone i wish that all sisters anyone who is educated might do their bit to educate women and girls in rural areas a few children and rule have made it to school in the last three years of yemen
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civil war. with the rebels control much of the north including the capital sunda. their present against government forces fighting in support of exiled president admitted abu months or hardy and backed by airstrikes from a saudi led coalition of mainly arab states the power base lies in the south including the strategically important. port city of aden. the province of thai ease with these women live lives right in the middle of libya. and in the desert most of the schools are closed now and we are in a remote area in this war so it occasion is a positive thing for women and stability widespread poverty and unemployment affect all the women here l.k. lady also teaches skills that have enabled students to generate their own income things like knitting and sewing for these women knowledge really is power media on one hand down to zero. there has been
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a dramatic twist in the trial of two reuters journalists who've been covering the range of crises in me and law with a policeman telling the court that arrest was a set up by choice who are accused of violating state secrets laws by acquiring official documents if found guilty they could face fourteen years in jail but a policeman who was appearing as a prosecution witness told the court that one of his senior officers gave the documents to the journalists to entrap them. so africa's new president is calling for calm in the northwest province after two days of riots and looting as catherine saw reports now from the city of miking demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the region's leader. president of money can in the northwest province wait for the outcome of a meeting between president cyril ramaphosa and the provincial leadership. people in several paths of the region have been protesting for days now they say they want
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better houses jobs and an end to corruption they're demanding the provincial leaders suprema home appeal whom they accuse of failing to do his job and listening corruption to step down the president catches his trip to the u.k. where he was attending a commonwealth heads of state meeting to deal with the situation having listened to all the imports we have decided that we would like to engage further with a number of other people particularly members of the community. not only in my he but also in the northwest what i can assure you now is that even if all of the money i looked met we're not going to summon the. streets are deserted but evidence of the violent protests is everywhere. so this is one of the areas where protesters had blocked the roads using running tires and anything else
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they could find police have been trying to clear this road also see shops that had been broken the two and looted the situation here is still very tense this petrol station is in one of the hot spots a group of young people is say to have done this many shop owners are devastated. i don't know how to start over i used all my money to stock the shop to get. others whose businesses were destroyed comped at the heritage house where the leadership was meeting they tell us what happened to their shops had nothing to do with genuine demonstrations. there is doing what they wanted to get a problem but they're not involving them and we are not just doing anything is just to doing business residents of this region continue to wait for answers but these are difficult issues that may not be fully resolved. catherine saif al jazeera south africa now the u.s.
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democratic party is seeing president donald trump's campaign around russia for alleged collusion in the twenty sixteen presidential election now they accused russia of contacting trump's advisors informing them of a cyber attack that leaked damaging information about his democratic rival hillary clinton the lawsuit also involves we hear leaks and its founder julian assange particle hain has the latest from washington d.c. . it's an unusual move but not an unprecedented one democrats have sued over the watergate break in and they did get some money on the day that richard nixon left office in disgrace now the lawsuit is against russia russia's intelligence service and some russian citizens it is difficult to sue a sovereign nation in the united states but it is possible difficult but possible it also sues wiki leaks and its founder julian assange and it really targets people very close to the president president donald trump not named in this lawsuit because it's really hard to sue a sitting president but his campaign is named along with his son don jr son in law
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jerry cushion or his former campaign chairman paul mann afford his advisor roger stone and former campaign aides george papadopoulos and richard gates now the complaint alleges that the trump campaign colluded with russia to steal and publish e-mails from the democratic campaign workers in an attempt to help trump win the presidency much of what is in this lawsuit was already known but there are a couple of things that we didn't know for example it says it alleges that in late twenty fifteen that far back that european intelligence services said that they were witnessing some suspicious communications between russian operatives and members of the trump campaign that they notified the u.s. about that again at late two thousand and fifteen it also goes on to say that the hack was earlier than we previously thought that it happened again in twenty fifteen and it wasn't just the computer system it was the phone system that was compromised so some new details in this lawsuit this could be seen as a dangerous move if people perceive that it is in any way going to interfere with
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special counsel robert mueller who is investigating potential collusion between. the term campaign and russia but it also could serve the purpose of putting just another venue to get the information out there there's growing concern that the special counsel will be tampered with or could possibly be let go if this lawsuit is allowed to proceed this basically puts before court before jury all on the record exactly what happened in the twenty sixteen campaign and it also serves as putting even more pressure on people in trump's orbit they're already facing pretty high legal bills and legal issues and this will only add to that. meanwhile president trump is posing more questions about the lawfulness of robert miller's and russia investigation he's recently tweeted james komi illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a special counsel therefore the special counsel was a stablished based on an illegal act really does everybody know what this means now
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the president is referring to members of code we wrote documenting his conversations with trouble before he was fired he has to friend to release them to the media komi has also been promoting a book in which he portrays trouble and we quote him as an ego driven liar. or staying in the us yet another shooting in a us school has marred a nationwide walkout by students demanding new gun law controls their walkout was on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine massacre when the worst high school shooting in u.s. history which killed thirteen people now survivors of february's school shooting in florida earlier in the never again movement and the gallagher reports now from parkland. once again the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school left their classrooms to call for gun reform in february the students lost fourteen of their classmates and three teaches. that. they've been campaigning for
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a changing gun laws ever since and were joined by students from across the country from coast to coast there were more than two thousand demonstrations in all our school our t. shirt was shot and killed at the beginning of the year so this is something that we take very personally in the philippines to advocated for arrest people all the students that have just been freed by police from inside the building the day marks nineteen years since thirteen people were killed at columbine high school in colorado in the years since gun laws of law should we remained unchanged and school shootings have got worse it's happened at sandy hook it's happened at great mills and i happen at my school like we shouldn't be letting this happen we shouldn't be letting people die without trying to change something and stop something even a students marched in parkland another school shooting was reported in central florida the alleged shooter is now in custody and no one was killed but it's a reminder of what children here face every day the walk out here and the thousands of others across the country demonstrate the resolve of this generation more than
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any other they've been affected by the plague of gun violence and they hope to be the ones that finally bring change and they gallacher al-jazeera auckland florida well in a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera separatists who killed hundreds in spain and france seek forgiveness plus find out why hundreds of nurses have gone on strike in zimbabwe. and in sport we'll meet the kenyan cyclist bidding to become the first african rider to tackle an extreme race across siberia. from brazil knows in few weeks. to the warm tranquil to this of southeast asia. hello it's been raining in north west in near northern pakistan refreshing heat out of the heat and to be honest this is shimla you can tell it
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rains every month of the year not every day but every month and it's a very very green place and a place where people do quite enjoy it but i have to say recently there's been enough up in the hills to bring mudslides and this is true in northwest india and on the pakistan side of the border as well the figures in the last twenty four hours does seem outstanding thirty to forty or so millimeters in this little area up here and since then the cloud has gone away it's sunny to be ours and i'm it's rather enjoyable but he took to the eastern bright sparks of clouds here these are quite significant quite severe thunderstorms some of them a cowboy sharkey's that's what they're called the ones that are pretty vicious this time of the year very violent can even spawn tornadoes again the figure moment on only bad fifty to seventy three millimeters of rain falls on a limb i haven't seen reports tornadoes but there have been deaths so far this season about fifteen people and that's the wet area of india to some be a few showers and satins for like most the story of course is nothing to do with
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the right this is the pre monsoon heat and although up in new delhi it's only thirty seven on average by to say we're up in the low forty's. the weather sponsored by cat time race. from planting forests with drones to surviving drought small funds award winning environmental solutions program with homes never heard of them to a real job but. making the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest man made environmental problems threatening our planet. a new season of earth rise coming soon and i'll just hear. everything you do is being am it's being played and it's being measured to support intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are
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a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching of zero zero robin or by i don't have our top news stories here on the news that north korea says it's stopping all nuclear bomb and missile tests to pursue peace and economic growth instead the e.u. and the u.k. are calling the move a positive step forward the announcement comes ahead of planned summits with south
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korea and the united states. fighters in a rebel held area near syria's capital are leaving under an evacuation deal brokered by russia and syrian state television is showing buses with fighters and their families living color moving about forty kilometers from damascus and traveling to north and syria. palestine's ambassador to the united nations is calling for an independent investigation into israel's use of force on protesters four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy were killed by israeli gunfire and another day of demonstrations on gaza's border at least thirty nine people have died in four weeks of protests as palestinians call for the right to return to their ancestral lands. to traffic and hundreds of nurses have protested in the zimbabwean capital after more than sixteen thousand were fired the dismissals have forced major public hospitals to close and nurses say it's patients who are paying the price cutting
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a low person doing reports. these nurses want to go back to work they went on strike hoping for higher pay and better working conditions instead they got fired by the government we love our country we love our patients please do not make us suffer any more do not make up this in suffering any more you want to go back to work. medical teams say they are overworked and underpaid in public hospitals medication and resources are limited patients are sometimes asked to bring their own supplies. lower paid nurses earn less than three hundred dollars a month before allowances we have to take out money from our own pockets to buy what makes a sane compost you name it really patient so it's not only about money for them this is also there is also for the hospital more than sixteen thousand nurses across and bobby are now out of a job there dismissal was ordered by vice president constantine and she when he believes the strikes are unreasonable and politically motivated since the strike
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began the opposition has laid out problems with the country's health care system you can't come in and say you are open for business things are happening when they're not happening there was because when i would have been in for operations for people that is an acceptable. five months after taking over as president emerson god while faces a weak economy and a struggling public health care system the strike is seen as yet another challenge in his young presidency i'm just deeply concerned that if we if we don't stand up in solidarity with the nurses and we don't push to have this health care crisis resolved then there are many more people will die not the government says retired nurses will replace those on strike but some nurses association says the dismissals are invalid in the meantime hospitals are understaffed and patients are paying the price cuts yellow piss of the young al-jazeera to be america's now working both new
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leader is vying to defend the socialist revolution and modernize the economy but many doubt they'll be any significant improvement under the presidency of raul castro's hand pick successor hugo the as canal a latin america at a time we see in human reports from the capital of allah. getting your daily bread cuban style with your ration card in hand one roll per day per person at a minute state subsidized price a system that dates back to the soviet union. in recent years the government has been forced to cut back on ration card items but there's still rice beans sugar salt and occasionally meet aid with cuba's national currency the pestle. but if we didn't have this option those on a workers' wages could not afford to buy almost anything. you can also use pesos to buy fruits and vegetables. but for almost everything else from shampoo to shoes
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you need a c. you see the cuban government's version of hard currency on an average monthly wage you can purchase thirty c. you see not enough to fill a car with petrol cuba's dual currency is a monetary abnormality that stunting economic growth and scaring off investment. and like the ration card doing away with it is a must if cuba's new president. is going to make good on his promise to update cuban communism what is the government hasn't already done it because merging these two currencies into one is much more complex than it sounds in a country where the state is supposed to always provide it's going to make life much more difficult for cubans who are already struggling. and eliminating the dual currency system will devalue the pace or put it's a necessary change concedes medium leyva a longtime opponent of the cuban government. in fact after watching thursday's
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presidential handover of power from broadcast to discuss the only changes she expects are on the economic front or almost on the emotional level i don't feel any change i hope i'll feel it some day. when our society really opens up and i have the right to participate no matter my opinion of. the transition to a post castro era does not contemplate political change but reforming the state run economy to make it more rational and effective could be almost as revolutionary to see in human. at least five people are being killed and dozens injured during days of anti-government demonstrations across nicaragua the protesters are angry a new reforms to social security that include cuts to pensions the government has now ordered five independent television stations covering the protests to stop broadcasting home reports. antigovernment protests cynical are were are
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unusual but they're happening now. it started when pensions were cut by five percent and employees social security contributions were raised slightly to actually i am here because i'm indignant i mean indignant at my grandparents' house going to receive five percent or less of their already anemic bench and after having called for forty five years that is not money that are being limited that is money that they already paid so they bother me bothering me and it could not remain sitting any longer several people have been killed a many others injured in running battles between protesters and police street barricades have been thrown out and students have occupied at least one university the government sought to restrict coverage of the protests cutting the signal of at least three channels which was showing the independent media say that's a clear violation of the freedom of the press in. these are acts of repression and unexplainable censorship by the government the government has been very secretive
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in releasing information to the public but this censorship is at a new level the vice president and first lady. has described protesters as trying to destroy the country her husband long term president danielle ortega has been accused of an increasingly authoritarian and undemocratic rule now many nicaraguans are making their voices heard and the protests are expected to continue john homan how does either. an estimated forty thousand damini ends of rallied in the capital yeah to protest against the country's new prime minister the demonstrations began eight days ago when parliament moved to appoint former president bush's r.'s sarge as prime minister saad shun rule since two thousand and eight but only stepped down as president this month term limits prevent him running again but a twenty fifteen referendum shifted executive powers to the prime minister's office . and the u.k. prime minister has promised compensation to members of the windrush generation
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immigrants labeled as illegal entrants but they arrived in britain from the caribbean countries following second world war but have now been threatened with deportation and refused medical care immigration laws are tightened up but the barber reports. well very personally this demonstration is being held in windrush square in brixton and many of the speakers have been outlining the distress and the damage caused to the so called wind rush generation people who arrived as young children in the nineteen fifties and sixties here who were british but in later years have struggled to prove when asked to do so that they did have the right to stay here as british citizens of course one of the big gripes is that a number of years ago landing cards from ships coming from the caribbean to britain were actually destroyed by the british home office to resume
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a the prime minister has come under pressure she was home secretary her there to the current home secretary amber rudd has also faced calls for her to resign now the government has apologized profusely said that they are getting masses in the hands but people here say they want to see compensation for loss of earnings when people have lost their jobs they want to urge and report relations from anybody who has been sent abroad and they want damages paid for the distress now there are people here in britain in their fifty's and sixty's who have been refused things like treatment for cancer they have not only lost their jobs but in some cases they have had breakdowns they have suffered mental health problems because of the fact that they have been threatened with being kicked out of their own country this is a problem that affects tens of thousands of people and it's not going away quickly while staying in europe victims of the basque separatist group at say it's apology
1:44 pm
for decades of violent isn't enough more than eight hundred people were killed during the campaign for an independent state in northern spain and southwest france challenging the reports. after decades of violence an apology for this car bomb attacks shootings and assassinations in the name of independence. an acronym that stands for basque homeland and freedom started as a student movement opposed to general franco's military dictatorship that went on to become one of europe's most violent and enduring armed groups from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to two thousand and ten it killed more than eight hundred twenty people nearly half of them civilians. we are aware that during this long period of struggle we have created a lot of pain including many damages for which there is no solution we want to show respect for the dead those injured and the victims that were caused by the actions of eta we truly apologize spain's government welcome the statement saying eta had
1:45 pm
been defeated by the weapons of democracy. but this shows others political economic social and international peace last word is not for all the democrats. with the help of the state security forces judges and the international community. at or fell out of favor with the basque people decades ago and for some victims the apology was not enough. because it doesn't fulfil my expectations i think it's a statement where they've tried to justify their acts and overall there's a selective forgiveness which i can't understand at all because we are all victims we have all suffered the pain caused by. the group's journey to dissolution has been long. in march two thousand and six after announce its first permanent ceasefire and in response the socialist government started peace talks but nine months later at a bombed a car park at madrid's international airport killing two people then in twenty ten
1:46 pm
the group announced it would not carry out further attacks a year later it declared a permanent ceasefire. and twelve months ago with the help of mediators it led french authorities to a cache of weapons explosives and ammunition now completely disarmed this apology is the last step before its full dissolution expected in may that the healing process will take many years charlie angela al-jazeera. china's box office sales for the first time surpassed those of the u.s. in the first quarter of the film takings topped three point two billion dollars there's a tree in brown reports domestic movies are the big attraction. of the tagline is unashamedly patriotic anyone who offends china will be killed no matter how far the target is. the book the film is wolf warrior to set in a fictitious african country it's about
1:47 pm
a chinese special forces veteran who single handedly rescues chinese and local citizens and. citizens held by western mercenaries. the film taps in to a growing mood of national pride in today's china and features close replicas of many of the latest weapons used by the chinese military but the current wave of patriotic films is not the result of government pressure insists one film scholar. chinese mainstream films are not controlled by the garment it's achievement was not made through government policies such a huge growth of the box office and a huge market cannot simply be created through some policies of government documents. this week the stars of china's film industry are attending beijing's annual film festival which began in two thousand and eleven among the films
1:48 pm
nominated for an award is another with a strong patter yogic theme but one which depicted gay love was dropped. films reflecting government thinking are likely to become more prolific in the years ahead that's because the body that regulates china's film and t.v. industry is being scrapped that job is now going to be done by the communist party's propaganda department a further sign of how power is being centralized under president xi jinping jacketed workers and students across the country were recently ordered to watch us during new documentary called amazing china it hails the country's technological advances and military modernization and echoes president cheese made in china initiative which aims to make china a leader in key technologies by twenty twenty five and the movie industry knows what role it has to play adrian brown al-jazeera beijing one of the world's most
1:49 pm
popular d.j.'s has been found dead in oman. as he too was twenty eight years old the swedish born d.j. produced hits such as wake me up details of a death in the capital muscat alone but he did speak publicly about alcohol abuse and health problems. well still ahead here is there in support a hockey team spots not celebrations in the canadian city of winnipeg tatyana will explain why we'll see you on the other side of the break. he ruled for nearly half a century a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad.
1:50 pm
in a two part series al-jazeera world tells the story of convincing of joint episode to . face. at this time on al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america that most of the world was about cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not for how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it when education system that was introduced to. latin america as a zero has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. bookmark
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it's time for sports has taught you thank you so much the hell the dust may have settled on the news that also november is to leave all snow the end of the season but it's still a big day in english football the competition bengal won seven times as the f.a. cup is at the semifinal stage man to see united a facing tottenham at wembley later is followed by chelsea and southampton tomorrow now a piece of silverware will be decided in spain at later past alone or a facing severe in the final of the copper doll ray or the king's cup but bosses courage and valverde is also took time out to pay tribute to outgoing also boss austin banker but i'll get him a holding that even his legacy is beyond down to only his players his game style and his triumphs i do not know if will be able to be unbeaten all season as he achieved with his thing and staying for twenty two years as
1:52 pm
a club i doubt he'll do the same japan have as a contender for next year's fifo women's world cup after beating australia in the asian cup final japan were round five places behind the world cup number six thousand but to me yokoyama scored the only goal of the match in the eighty fourth minute in jordan's capital amman they become the first nation to successfully defend the asian women in south korea in two thousand and three fifa inspectors will make a second visit to morocco next week after citing a number of issues in the country's bid for the twenty twenty six world cup five cities were examined this week ahead of the june side against a combined bid from mexico canada and the united states morocco's chairman how the press conference in casablanca on friday but wouldn't take any media questions issues over stadiums and v.o.i.p. facilities have been raised. news express from. our experts are currently
1:53 pm
negotiating with the feds to consolidate a solution that we will propose we already have a number of solutions and we're consolidating them with the fifa team and a specific report will be delivered next week the cave in trouble in the n.b.a. playoffs they blew a double digit lead in game three against the indiana pacers to go down two one in the series the washington wizards kept their playoff hopes alive john wall that the charge for washington with twenty eight points as they beat the toronto raptors in game three brought the bill added twenty eight helping the team to a one hundred twenty two to one hundred three when and avoid going three nothing down in the series two one to lead now sits a two one. so later the new orleans pelicans can become the first team to reach the second round when they face the portland trail blazers while friday's other game so the milwaukee bucks cut their series deficit with the boston celtics celtics winning one hundred sixteen two to ninety two now before that game the bugs and now
1:54 pm
stood on likely new part owner n.f.l. green bay packers quotes about r. and rogers rogers was cool side on friday he's a longtime fan and now the only active n.f.l. player to have an ownership stake in the n.b.a. . the pittsburgh penguins will need to wait at least two more days to secure their progression to the second round of the n.h.l. playoffs the penguins could have gone through with victory in game five of best series with the philadelphia flyers but the fly is clinched a four two victory to keep the series alive they trial three two heading into game six on sunday. thank you i. don't have had ducks have won a playoff series for the first time in front history they thrashed the minnesota wild five nothing four of those goals came in the first period alone fifteen
1:55 pm
thousand extra supporters outside the stadium held a massive street party to celebrate but nobody went home as happy as this young man who collected an extra souvenir of the game for. the jets next opponents will either be the nashville predators all colorado avalanche the other large child three two in that series off to victory in game six on friday the tampa bay lightning and boston bruins could both advance to the second round with victories later. now tennis world number one rough and a doll will be on call in the next thirty minutes as he continues his quest for a record expanding eleventh title at the monte carlo maust as the spaniard by his grigor dimitrov in the semi fire. he thrashed a while number seven dominic team to reach the final four dropping just two games to the austrian this is the only this is medals only second torn event of the year off the injured as if january's australian open. now the boston red sox have
1:56 pm
maintained the best start of the major league baseball season in the club's a hundred and eighteen year history they beat the oakland a's on friday for the seventeenth the win from eighteen games meantime a scary moment for chicago white sox pitcher danny farquaad he was taken to a nearby hospital after fainting in the dugout during the game with the houston astros the course hasn't been disclosed. a kenyan cyclist is aiming to make history later this year as the first african to compete in the transfer berrien cycle races an extreme nine thousand kilometer event from oslo to out of astarte his training in the town of not all can southwest kenya and his story is already one of achievement and survival i'm doing more on will go training for the world's toughest and most extreme bicycle race trying to get an extreme. on the first african fourth blockbuster and will qualify what we've been. going
1:57 pm
through a lot in just define myself as i win a survivor. of the age of like. several days ago. then again my dad when i was of several months my dad was there watching the kind he drove on me. and then here came me being short there's always trying to help my dad i was shot four times the force buying the shut me up just then the second time they showed me their shoulder two more bullets were lodged in my chest i'm lucky that they didn't hit my spinal cord you know even getting to an extent of being taken to the mortuary before believing that i was dead and i overcame all that. then. and there was a reason especially pop was why i survived all that. the less privileged because he's my responsibility. to be. and i believe if i go to bed at night having not changed the level boss on or inspired somebody posing to me then i wish that might
1:58 pm
be so if i don't mean by. people then i'm nothing i can be proud that i'm successful i can be successful at all. i'm putting myself through. i want to call myself that. this is my dad's told me when you're just about to die and believing that i'm a hero isn't enough i have to prove it and that's what i have to do. thanks very much to see others. with me. coming up on the other side of the break. thanks for your time and your company.
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al jazeera. wherever you are. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid things guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jazzy you know.


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